Custom Shaped Shutters

These type of shutters provides protection for openings of different shapes. They are ideal for triangular, arched, and unusually shaped windows. 


Heavy-duty extruded aluminum RCE-40 slat profile

Electrical motor operators with special clutch and break attachments

All curved archtops are CNC machine bent to ensure the PERFECT FIT and NO CUT AND WELD MARKS

Die-cast aluminum end caps with special entry guides

Attractive 45 degrees, 2-piece shutter housings

Powder-coated paint finishes on all exterior components

5 standard colors: white, light beige, cream, brown. and custom colors available

Engineered pulley system for guidance of lift cable



Cover any shaped opening regardless whether triangular, arched, or trapezoidal.

Storm and hurricane protection

Protects all openings from driving wind and rain damage

Reduced energy costs

Protects non-rectangular windows with rolling shutters

Increased insulation factors

Increased property values

Reduced insurance premiums

Sun protection and shading