Accordion Shutters 

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are designed to cover windows, sliding glass doors, or enclose total balconies. Both curved and removable tracks are available to exactly fit your balcony and not take up valuable floor space. The Accordion shutters have been tested to MEET or EXCEED Florida's building code regulations.

Window Protection:


Built to withstand HURRICANE FORCE winds

Made from HIGH QUALITY extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts

Encloses ENTIRE balconies with one shutter

Protect patio doors from rain damage

Improved Stacking

MORE coverage per blade

FASTEST assembly and installation

90° corner mate available

REDUCED "footprint" for balcony enclosures

High Velocity - Hurricane Testing:


These Accordion Shutters have been tested to MEET or EXCEED the most stringent requirements for Hurricane Shutters in the industry, such as :

Florida Building Code (FBC) Non HVHZ

Florida Building Code (FBC) HVHZ

Dade and Broward

International Building Code (IBC)

International Residential Code (IRC)

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)

Miami-Dade County

High Velocity - Benefits:


Permanently installed for YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION

They fold back compactly, similar to a louvered door, and are one or two-piece shutters.

They are installed in front windows and doors, balconies, and large patio openings.

Accordion Shutters are CONVENIENT and EASY TO CLOSE. They lock from the inside or outside for INCREASED SECURITY AND PROTECTION.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are made of aluminum and should be cleaned and lubricated yearly.

Accordion Shutters are considered one of the STRONGEST shutters available.

A special 90° corner mate is available to exactly fit your balcony and not take up valuable floor space.

Our new Accordion shutters feature Hurricane Protection for residential and commercial applications.

The two-blade system is HIGHLY VERSATILE and allows flexible use of components for both commercial and residential Hurricane Shutter Systems.